Weightloss and Working Mom

Working moms usually at the age of 40 years find themselves standing in front of the mirror and fail to guess when and how did they happen to lose their grip on their slim, slender, and fragile stature. Women nowadays have a multi-tasking role and it’s just not limited to the household chores.

Behind house errands to run, office work to handle, keeping kids occupied, meals to cook, and in-laws to take care of, keeping the pace running between home and job and taking care of yourself easily slithers down to the bottom of your list of priorities. You do realize that it’s important for you to stay healthy, slim, and fit, but it can be more difficult to channel time for a healthy diet and regular exercise.
But one thing females are known for is ‘Never say never. A lot can be said about good diets to follow, a set of so-called easy exercises to follow but the fact is they become a simple notion that you want to do but can’t do. So fortunately there are a few tips that women can find handy.

Tips for working busy moms for losing weight:

1. Make a schedule, and prioritize your to-do list. It’s okay if you remove a few unimportant errands from your list. Learn to say no to stuff that takes your unnecessary time.
2. Stop counting calories. Instead, have proper meals, concentrate on quantity, small meals small time even if it is like putting a slice of apple in the mouth when moving around with the chores.
Start squeezing lemon drops in the water whenever you have it that might work as a good Detox plan. Minute changes like replacing all-purpose flour with rice flour, and stevia leaves instead of sugar will make a huge difference in your routine meal pattern. N yes the very important thing, is never to skip breakfast.
3. Have proper dinner with the family together that gives you a wholesome feeling as well the food taken has contended one even if you reduce the quantity when sitting and eating with your loved ones. No need to cook separately for yourself, try incorporating your diet with the family which obviously would be healthy.
4. Sleep is another important factor. Your body functions well if you have enough sleep. Time your sleep with your little ones’ sleep pattern.
5. Last but not least, your dose of action.

Try walking the stairs all the way to your home on whatever floor instead of elevators or escalators; keep your car parked a little distance away from the place you intend to visit so that you can walk it off.
Once you open your eyes in the morning from sleep try doing meditation, crunches, etc on the bed even if it is for just 10 mins before you put your legs out of the bed. There are various treatments and therapies which help to lose proper weight as well as inches naturally.
These treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive, and scientifically proven without side effects. Laser, Endermology, and Radiofrequency serve the purpose.

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