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Apps and weight loss

‘Looks do matter’, the way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself does play an important role in today’s fast pacing lifestyle. So, the one very highly searched and enquired online query is generally about obesity and weight loss

But are these apps really helpful or are they actually beneficial to our health? And to what extent? We would analyze this with a proper statistical answer.  Health and fitness apps have become widely popular over the past few years, usage growing by over 330% in the last three years as per new research. Over 75% of active users operate their health and fitness app at least two times a week and more than 25% of users’ access their fitness apps more than 10 times a week. 

Weight loss is more an art than science. These apps are helpful in many ways as they track the steps taken, calories consumed each day, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality etc. to have a specific weight loss goal. But the effectiveness of these apps has been questioned.

People keep track on the calorie intake but what people don’t think about is kind of calorie consumed. These are food with a higher glycemic index, which produces insulin and stores fat. Constant tracking of the various mechanism of your body raises questions of accuracy, privacy and mental effects of constant monitoring.

Again, other factor likes hormone, sleep and the time you eat which plays an important role in weight loss is conveniently ignored. The reasons for obesity/weight gain can be hereditary, metabolic, cardiovascular disease; hormonal, etc. it is unlikely these reasons would apply to apps that are commercially available. Exercise, for that matter any physical activity is majorly done for movement, relaxation and stress reduction.  Mixing it with these technical appliances and making it as a data working machine makes the process unrelaxing. It has been observed that the excessive usage of these devices and apps can lead to unforeseen risks of obsessive behaviour and overwork. Plus it is difficult to get the same level of intensity in an app that you might get through personal coaching. The best way is to enjoy the process of weight loss with stress-free management of healthy diet, activity and proper guidance from experts. 

Saying so, apps in all do have their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the plus points can be your monitored health can be shared to your doctors.

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