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The Weight Loss Program that Helped Me Lose Weight

The world is sometimes a rude and nasty place, and no one knows that better than “fat” people. If you’ve been overweight or on the heavier side for a part of your life, or still are, you would be surrounded with huge amounts of unwanted advice, ridicule and often, mean jokes. Apart from all these unwanted problems, I have realized that being obese can lead to various health problems as well. I got to know recently from professional doctors at Instasculpt that having excess belly fat could cause all these life threatening diseases such as Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even Cancer. Plus many more chronic diseases that can be absolutely fatal to your health.

I was depressed that I let myself go as much as I did, yet I still really didn’t do much about it. I remember wanting to be thin and trying to get control of my eating but never staying motivated enough to stay on a diet. My need to eat always seemed to take over my desire to be thin.

I have lost 15 kgs in 3 months and I feel so good already. This would not have been possible without the help of professional doctors at Instasculpt with my busy schedule at work. Proper diets were advised. I gave up the habit of eating junk food and switched to healthy salads and other nutritional diets. Treatments were totally painless and I could continue my daily activities and work soon after my sessions.

This weight loss has helped me to take up activities like swimming, kick boxing and much more that I never thought I would able to do due to my over weight. Most important of all my blood sugar level has become normal level which is a great achievement that I have got because of Instasculpt and their programs. My weight loss journey continues with Instasculpt with a weight loss goal of 55 kgs in 6 months to a Year. I am now confident in my body (most of the time) and in myself, I know I can make this transformation.

I want to be an inspiration to those who have given up on their weight loss journey. Every baby step you take towards this journey can be difficult in the beginning but like any other art, you get better with practice. With the right lifestyle changes, diet adjustments and exercise routines, along with a doctor who guide your through this health journey anything is possible. “I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted as long as it fell into a certain calorie limit.”



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